Region 1C Tournament

The 2016 MBA Class C Region 1 Tournament was held Saturday-Sunday August 6-7 and Friday-Sunday August 12-14 at Champion Field in Sartell. The teams consisted of the top five playoff teams from the Eastern Minny League and the top three playoff teams from the Sauk Valley League. The top three teams from Region 1 advanced to the 2016 MBA Class C State Tournament.

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Here are are the scores:

Round One - Saturday, August 6
Game    1 Sat Aug 6  11:00am  Rum River Bandits 1 Sartell Muskies 10 F
Game    2 Sat Aug 6   1:30pm   Braham Snappers 1 Sartell Stone Poneys 13  F/7
Game    3 Sat Aug 6   4:30pm  Chisago Lakes Bulldogs 3 St. Joseph Joes 13  F/8
Game    4 Sat Aug 6   7:00pm  Foley Lumberjacks 5 vs Mora Blue Devils 3  F

Round Two - Sunday, August 7
Game    5 Sun Aug 7  11:00am  Rum River 0 Braham 1  F
Game    6 Sun Aug 7   1:30pm  Chisago Lakes 3 Mora 11  F
Game    7 Sun Aug 7   4:30pm  Sartell Muskies 11 Sartell Stone Ponies 2  F
Game    8 Sun Aug 7   7:00pm  St. Joseph 10 Foley 8  F

Round Three - Saturday, August 13
Game    9 Sat Aug 13  11:00am  Sartell Muskies 10 St. Joseph 0  F/7
Game  10 Sat Aug 13   1:00pm  Foley 4 Braham 1  F
Game  11 Sat Aug 13   4:00pm  Sartell Stone Poneys 0 Mora 8  F

Round Four - Saturday, August 13
Game 12 Sat Aug 13   7:00pm  Foley 7 Mora 4  F

Round Five - Sunday, August 14
Game 13 Sun Aug 14  11:00am  St. Joseph 2 Foley 7  F

Round Six - Sunday, August 14
Game 14 Sun Aug 14   1:30pm  Sartell Muskies 12 Foley 0  F/7

St. Joseph Joes advance to State Tournament as 3rd seed
(will play Sunday August 21 at Noon in Hutchinson against the Blue Earth Pirates - Reg 4 Seed 2)
Draftees: Austin Larson, Litchfield; Jeff Amann, Sartell SP; Nathan Neirenhausen, Sartell SP

Foley Lumberjacks advance to State Tournament as 2nd seed
(will play Saturday August 20 at 1:30 in Hutchinson against the Farming Flames - Reg 15 Seed 4)
Draftees: Brandon Busegens, Clear Lake; Derek Graves, Mora; Tyler Kronstedt, Rum River

Sartell Muskies advance to State Tournament as 1st seed (1st round bye at state)
(will play Sunday August 28 at 5pm in Hutchinson against winner of
Brownton Bruins - Reg 7 Seed 4 vs. Jordan Brewers - Reg 6 Seed 2)
Draftees: Cory Schmidt, Clear Lake; Asa Patterson, Mora; Ryan VanSomeren, Mora

The Region 1C Tournament is double-elimination, with the exception of the championship game, which is single elimination.

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